2014 Soybean harvest equipment field day

Techniques and equipment for reducing harvest losses will be discussed and demonstrated at the upcoming Soybean Harvest Equipment Field Day, Oct. 9, 2014.

2013 soybean harvest equipment field day

2013 soybean harvest equipment field day

On average, harvest losses reduce marketable soybean yields by one to two bushels per acre. Given the projected soybean prices, this could cost soybean producers $9.50 to $19 per acre in 2014. Harvest losses can increase significantly if the crop is lodged, very short, or harvest operations become delayed.

Because of this, Michigan State University Extension is cooperating with Gardner Farms, Crary Industries Inc., Helena, Syngenta, TNT Equiment Inc., Tri County Equipment Inc., and the Michigan Soybean Checkoff to conduct a Soybean Harvest Equipment Field Day on Thursday, Oct. 9. The field day will be held on this date if conditions are conducive to harvest. If harvest is not possible on the 9th, the program will be held on Monday, Oct. 13. The program will begin with lunch at 12 p.m. and run until 3 p.m. The field day site is located at 2491 Galbraith Line Road, Yale, MI 48097. Follow M-19 to Galbraith Line Road and proceed east for 5.1 miles, then follow the signs for field day parking.

Participants will learn new information about reducing soybean harvest losses and have an opportunity to see the latest harvest equipment demonstrated in the field. Equipment company representatives will be on-hand to discuss specific recommendations for fine-tuning their combines. The following topics and equipment will be demonstrated:

  • Draper heads.
  • Air-assisted reels.
  • Measuring soybean harvest losses.
  • Ground speed effects on harvest losses.

There is no charge for the field day. However, pre-registration is requested by calling 269-673-0370 ext. 2562 before noon on Friday, Oct. 3 as a complimentary lunch and educational materials will be provided. Please call this number for cancellation and rescheduling updates.

This article was produced by the SMaRT project (Soybean Management and Research Technology). The SMaRT project was developed to help Michigan producers increase soybean yields and farm profitability. The SMaRT project is a partnership between MSU Extension and the Michigan Soybean Checkoff program.

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