Webinar: Opportunities and Challenges of Sustaining Community Food Systems

Date: February 10, 2015
Time: 1 p.m. - ET
Location: Webinar
Contact: Rosa Soliz, soliz@msu.edu

Webinar URL: http://connect.msu.edu/ncrcrd

About the webinar: Local food systems projects have many different “faces” across the North Central Region. However, the principles of sound community development apply to the project’s success in any community. These principles include: assessment, vision creation, goal identification, project determination, outcome evaluation, and celebration of successes. Through onsite discussions, eight communities in 3 North Central states shared the ways they used these steps to identify the need to develop or strengthen the local food system, how they measure their successes, how their initiatives are funded, and how they plan to sustain the local food system for future generations. The findings from these 9 local focus groups will be the focus of this webinar. Presented by Trudy Rice, Kansas State University Research and Extension. Trudy works with local communities across the state as they assess their community strengths and opportunities for improvement. Many times these include issues related the healthy lifestyle of people and the financial health of local communities. Trudy has served on the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) board for the North Central Region and recently served as an Extension liaison to the National Association of Counties. Michelle Walk, Michigan State University Extension. Michelle concentrates on programming related to Sustaining Community Prosperity/Tourism and Community Food Systems. Michelle has been very active in working with communities in the UP of Michigan addressing the issue of local food as it relates to living a healthy lifestyle and providing economic health for the community. Michelle has a strength in developing, promoting and fostering partnerships to work for the good of the people who live and work in local communities. http://ncrcrd.msu.edu/ncrcrd/webinars

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