The Great Expeditions Resident Camp

Date: July 13, 2013 - July 19, 2013
Location: 4-H Camp Kidwell, 39000 1st Ave., Bloomingdale, MI 49026
Contact: Camp Director KJ Kelly, 269-521-3559,

Youth 8-14 years enjoy a natural camp experience. Build campfires, create nature shelters, explore nature trails, identify plants and animals, and enjoy the GREAT outdoors. Don't forget, everyone will have a chance to camp on Kidwell Island (weather permitting of course). Pack your bags and get ready for a journey! All of that and you will still have a chance to canoe, act, play sports, swim, ride horses and so much more! And don’t forget, Focus Areas are available for this session! Don’t miss a chance to spend more time with our horses, at the water front or on the team building program. Cost $335 Register online at

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