St. Joseph County IPM Breakfast Series - Cover Crop Termination – How’s, When’s and What-if’s

Date: April 26, 2016 - June 28, 2016
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 AM
Location: Royal Cafe, 701 E Main Street, Centreville, MI 49032
Contact: Eric Anderson,

''St. Joseph County IPM Breakfast Series
Cover Crop Termination – How’s, When’s and What-if’s

Dr. Dean Baas is a Senior Extension Specialist in the Agriculture and Agribusiness Institute at Michigan State University.  He earned his Ph.D. with MSU and has been on staff there since 2001.  He specializes in sustainable agriculture, cover crops and organic production.  Dean is also the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Coordinator for Michigan.

Dr. Baas will talk about the benefits of including cover crops in a rotation, including improved erosion control, improved soil health, and reduced soil compaction.  He will address methods of terminating cover crops to include herbicides.  He will discuss issues regarding herbicide use, including efficacy of different herbicide products, effects of air and soil temperature on efficacy, and carryover effects among other cautions and considerations for different cover crops, timings and conditions.

This series of breakfast meetings will focus on various aspects of field crop production in Southwest Michigan.  The meetings will be held at the Royal Cafe in Centreville, MI at 7:00 AM every Tuesday morning from April 19 through June 28, 2016.  Meetings will include updates on integrated pest management (IPM) and other issues from the local MSU Extension field crops team followed by a presentation on a topic important to field crop production.  Participants can order their own breakfasts and eat during the meeting.  No pre-registration is necessary.  Contact Eric Anderson ( or 269-467-5511) at the MSU Extension office in Centreville with questions.

The overall IPM breakfast series is supported by a donation from the Monsanto Company.

DateTopicSpeakerCredits Offered
19-Apr Weather Outlook for 2016 Season Dr. Jeff Andresen, MSU CEU (Crop Mgmt)
26-Apr Cover Crop Termination - How’s, When’s and What-if’s Dr. Dean Baas, MSUE RUP, CEU (Crop Mgmt)
3-May Upcoming Herbicide Tolerant Crops Rod Stevenson, Monsanto Company and Leslie Abbott, Dow AgroSciences RUP, CEU (IPM)
10-May Grain Market Update Dr. Jim Hilker, MSU CEU (Prof Dvlpmt)
17-May Field Crop Weed Issues Dr. Christy Sprague, MSU RUP
24-May Field Crop Nutrient Management Concerns and Technologies Dr. Kurt Steinke, MSU CEU (Nutrient Mgmt)
31-May Field Crop Insect Issues Dr. Chris DiFonzo, MSU RUP, CEU (IPM)
7-Jun Field Crop Disease Issues Dr. Marty Chilvers, MSU RUP, CEU (IPM)
14-Jun Soil Health: Feeding the Soil Tom Shibley, Midwest BioAg CEU (Soil and Water)
21-Jun Irrigation: Experiences with Soil Moisture Monitors and Schedulers Wally Hekter, Legacy Land Farms, Inc. and Tony Belcher, Koviack Irrigation & Farm Services CEU (Soil and Water)
28-Jun Interseeding Cover Crops Jamie Scott, Scott’s Cover Crops and Justin Davidhizar, Johansen Farms LLC CEU (Crop Mgmt)

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