Soil Management Update: Cover Crops

Date: March 19, 2013
Location: Shelby United Methodist Church, 68 E. 3rd St., Shelby, MI 49455
Contact: Ocean County Extension, 231-873-2129 to register by March 15.

This free (lunch included; RUP credits requested) workshop will introduce the use of cover crops for different management goals and cover multiple topics, including:

Weed management
James DeDecker, Michigan State University Extension ducator, will provide an introduction to cover cropping, drawing on case studies that address use of cover crops to control problem weeds present in West Michigan cropping systems.

Soil nutrient management
Christina Curell, MSU water quality and cover crop cducator, will discuss using cover crops to build soil organic matter.

Managing pests, promoting beneficial insects
Ben Werling, MSU vegetable educator, will provide an introduction to the effects of cover crops on beneficial and pest insects.

Nitrogen management
Zachary Hayden, MSU PhD student in Dr. Dan Brainard’s lab at Michigan State University, will talk about interactions between Nitrogen management, tillage and cover cropping.

Dr. George Bird from the Department of Entomology at Michigan State University, will describe how cover cropping can impact nematodes, with implications for the function of farm ecosystems.

Christina Curell, MSU water quality and cover crop educator, will provide a hands-on demonstration of the Michigan Cover Crop tool, which can be used to plan cover crop rotations on your farm. Extension staff familiar with cover cropping systems will be on hand to field questions.

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