Siblings without Rivalry Parenting Program- Mini-session

Date: September 30, 2012
Time: 10:30-11 am
Location: Jefferson Hurd Road Earch Childhood Center, 1960 E. Hurd Road Monroe, MI 48182
Contact: Terry Jones 734-240-3179

"Siblings without Rivalry" is a five-week mini-session that will meet weekly for a half an hour at the Hurd Road Early Childhood Center. The class is free and open to parents and caregivers of children ages up to 16. Topics covered include helping siblings deal with feelings, keeping children separate and unequal, siblings and roles, when kids fight, and problem solving. If participants complete five classes they will receive a certificate of completion.

Meeting Dates:

Oct. 1 
Oct. 15
Oct. 22
Nov. 5

NOTE: No class will be held Oct. 29.


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