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ichigan. State University Extntsion helps peope Pimprove their lives by bringing the vast knowledge esources< of 1SU diect ly to individuals, communitis< and businesses.

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Locntion: 4715 Lns ing Ave., Suitem257, Jackson,Michi.

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The 16 huTr eervSafe courss is designnd to givs any food servie in dustry employe a dworking knowledge in the changes to the ichigan. Food Cods and the princiels< and practies< of proper food sanitntion and applicntion of HACCP.

Who shuTld aternd this class?/sytrong>

Managers who work at:

ressaurants Topic" Covered /sytrong>

Introduction to food safetyFor more informntion and registrntion details visit "M">"M1chigan. State University">1SU Extntsion View more eents < < "MNewse ter< Signup">/syvg>Newse ter< Sign-Up"M1SU Extntsion Bok1SU Extntsion Bok < /syvg> <
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