Purple Martin Workshop:  How to be a good Purple Martin Landlord

Date: March 5, 2016
Time: 9 a.m. - Noon
Location: Kellogg Bird Sanctuary, 12685 East C Ave., August, MI 49012
Contact: Kellogg Bird Sanctuary, (269) 671-2510

This event has been cancelled.

Program Information

Purple Martins are the largest member of the swallow family and are an entertaining, human-friendly bird species. They have adapted to rely almost completely on manmade nest sites.  Graceful and swift in the air with a beautiful and varied repertoire of rich song and a strong attraction to people, this species provides its human landlords hours of joy.  If you have open space for its flying needs or live along a lake or stream, you might enjoy investing a bit of time managing your own colony to ensure the continuation of this fascinating bird species that is on the decline in Michigan.  Join us to learn the tips and tricks to be a successful martin landlord – including hands-on experience monitoring a martin colony, such as acquiring suitable housing, preparing the nests for spring arrival, performing regular nest checks to ensure optimal survival of the young, accessing internet web sites and chat rooms to learn from landlord experiences throughout the country, and recording data for submission to a national database for purple martins.  Penny Briscoe, workshop leader and citizen scientist, has over 25 years’ experience as a purple martin landlord and will share her enthusiasm and expertise, which has grown with the size of her colony. 


Members  $25
Non-Members  $35


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