Pre-harvest Southwest Grape IPM Meeting

Date: August 17, 2015
Time: 2:30 p.m.
Location: 70121 28th St., Lawton, MI
Contact: Jamie Styburski,, 269-944-4126

Last year at Viticulture Field Day, agricultural engineer Mark Ledebuhr demonstrated a piece of sprayer equipment containing a separate small tank for insecticide. It includes a mechanism for quickly shutting off and on flow from the second tank directly from the tractor cab. This in turn would allow the grower to target insecticide sprays on the ends of rows towards woods, and other grape berry moth hot spots. Mark will be showing off this gadget, and discussing how to fabricate one like it, at the pre-harvest IPM meeting in August.

Annemiek Schilder and Rufus Isaacs will be there to discuss late-season pest issues in detail - growers are encouraged to bring questions, comments on experiences this season so far, and tissue samples. There is also an Entomology research project at MSU looking at using cultivators for weed control, and how cultivator burial of grape berry moths might reduce pest pressure in a non-chemical fashion. Jason Matlock, Entomology graduate student, will be giving us an update on the progress of this project, and seeking grower input on its future.

This FREE meeting will be held at the Cronenwet farm, 70121 28th St., Lawton, at 2:30 pm on Tuesday, August 18th. Register for this meeting by replying to <> or by calling 269-944-4126. Funding for MSU Grape IPM work comes in part from the Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council.

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