Pastured Livestock Tour

Date: September 10, 2016
Time: 1 - 6 p.m.
Location: E3774 University Drive, Chatham, MI
Contact: Michelle Coleman,, 906-439-5114

The Pastured Livestock Tour will be held on Saturday, September 10 starting at 1 p.m. at the Michigan State University Upper Peninsula Research and Extension Center South Farm, located at E3774 University Drive just south of Chatham, Michigan. Transportation for the tour is provided.

Farms featured and highlighted topics include:

  • Log Cabin Livestock - beef and sheep grazing system utilizing holistic management principles to maximize production efficiency, environmental stewardship, and on-farm profit.  
  • Upper Peninsula Research and Extension Center - research station featuring a grass fed and finished beef system focusing on integration of cropping and livestock systems while supporting soil health.  Pastured pork systems will also be featured by local farmers on-site.  

The tour will conclude at 6 p.m. DeBacker Family Dairy ice cream will be served during the tour sponsored by Hiawathaland Farm Bureau and the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program. The tour is free, but registration is required.  

Attendees must meet at the MSU Upper Peninsula Research and Extension Center (E3774 University Drive, Chatham, MI) at 1 p.m. to board the bus for the tour.  

Participating sponsors include: Hiawathaland Farm Bureau, Michigan Agricultural Environmental Assurance Program, Michigan State University Extension, and Michigan State University AgBioResearch



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