Oakland County 2015 4-H Fashion Revue

Date: May 1, 2015
Time: 4:30 p.m.
Location: Central United Methodist Church, 3882 Highland Road, Waterford Township, MI 48328
Contact: Martha Lawerence, marthasdecorativestitchery@yahoo.com; Jason Scott, scottjm@oakgov.com, 248-858-0892.

Sponsored by the Breakfast Optimus Club of Waterford

The Oakland County 4-H Fashion Revue is an opportunity for youth to showcase their skills in making and selecting fashionable attire. 

 We welcome friends and family to join. If they plan on having dinner they need to register for dinner prior to the event at the cost of $5 per dinner.

Garments will be judged in two categories: buymanship and construction.

The buymanship category gives our young shoppers the opportunity to put an outfit together for a specific event or season, etc. They must be able to show their ability to choose appropriate clothing for the event, be able to describe the outfit for the narration and understand the cost ratio of the outfit. A buymanship form must be submitted with this item and is downloadable below. You should bring the form with you to the judging. The outfit should be brought in on a hanger and the accessories for that outfit should be in a plastic bag. The narration for this category must accompany the registration.

The construction category items must be constructed by the participant. The youth should have selected the pattern, material, learned to layout the pattern and cut the material off the pattern and follow directions to sew the garment together. Adult supervision must accompany the work done by the youth. The narration form is downloadable below. You may bring a dressy and/or casual choice for each category.


 Age Groups and Experience Levels 

Ages 5-8

Ages 9+
(1-2 years of experience)

Ages 9+
(3-4 years of experience)

Ages 9+
(5+ years of experience)

Date: May 1

Agenda: Registration/Judging 4:30 - 6 p.m., Dinner 6 - 7 p.m., Program begins at 7 p.m.

Location: Central United Methodist Church, 3882 Highland Road, Waterford Township, MI 48328

Cost: $5 per participant includes (registration & dinner) through April 19. After April 19 the fee will increase to $10.

Narrative Form http://www.oakgov.com/msu/Documents/4hforms/Narrative%20Form.pdf

How to write a narrationhttp://www.oakgov.com/msu/Documents/4hforms/writing%20narrations!.pdf

Buymanship Formhttp://www.oakgov.com/msu/Documents/4hforms/Buymanship%20Form%20for%20Fashion%20Revue.pdf

Fashion Revuew Rubrics available here 
(What are you being judged on?)


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