NCRCRD: Farm-Based Biocontrol Seed Treatments Improving Soybean Yields

Date: March 28, 2013
Location: Webinar
Contact: Webinar info: John Mann NCRCRD 517-432-4408 Registration info: Rosa Soliz NCRCRD 517-355-3373

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Are You:

  • A beef producer interested in a new, inexpensive method to manage hear stress on your cattle during the summer months?
  • Currently, or interested in becoming a producer of distilled spirits and interested in new fermentation technology?
  • An organic soybean producer interested in a new, cost effective and yield enhancing bio control bacteria treatment?
  • Interested in new technology that increases the yield of biofuel production from swine waste

Farm-Based Biocontrol Seed Treatments for Improving Soybean Yields

Summary: Beneficial bacteria exist in all agricultural soils. However, their natural distribution does not allow maximum benefits to be conferred to the crop. Treating seed with beneficial bacteria can help to ensure proper root colonization and expression of beneficial activities. All soils also harbor some plant pathogens, but protection from these detrimental microbes can be afforded by treating seed with bacterial biocontrol agents. Here, we describe an inexpensive and organically acceptable formulation of a widely-distributed biocontrol bacteria for use as a yield-enhancing seed treatment on soybeans.

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