NCRCRD: Innovations in Agriculture & Rural Development - Thermal Aid: Managing Heat Stress in Cattle

Date: February 12, 2013
Location: Webinar
Contact: Webinar info: John Mann NCRCRD 517-432-4408 Registration info: Rosa Soliz NCRCRD 517-355-3373

Innovations in Agriculture and Rural Development is a free series designed for business owners and entrepreneurs to learn more about technology that may be relevant to your current or future business operations.

Are You:

  • A beef producer interested in a new, inexpensive method to manage hear stress on your cattle during the summer months?
  • Currently, or interested in becoming a producer of distilled spirits and interested in new fermentation technology?
  • An organic soybean producer interested in a new, cost effective and yield enhancing bio control bacteria treatment?
  • Interested in new technology that increases the yield of biofuel production from swine waste
Thermal Aid: Managing Heat Stress in Cattle

Summary: Thermal Aid is a smart phone app that combines information on both weather and/or respiration rate of livestock that allow producers to make crucial decisions regard environmental stress and animal welfare. The app is also a learning device that attracts and stimulates student interest in climate and environmental stress related to themselves and their production animals

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