MSU Turfgrass Field Day

Date: August 12, 2015
Time: 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Location: Hancock Turfgrass Research Center, 4444 Farm Lane East Lansing, MI 48823

This year we will have dedicated times for our researchers to highlight several of their research projects. There will be 13 different presentations of 25 minutes in length. Presentations will begin at 9:00 am and conclude at noon. Attendees will be free to choose which presentations they want to hear and can create their own schedule. The following presentations are on the itinerary. 3 MDARD Credits-3A, 3B, Comm CORE, Private CORE; .30 GCSAA Points

  • Managing diseases and promoting plant health on golf courses – Dr. Joe Vargas, Jr.
  • Controlling insects on golf courses, including an update on Annual bluegrass weevil and European crane fly – Dr. David Smitley
  • Understanding turfgrass stress – Dr. Emily Merewitz
  • The effect of plant growth regulators and plant health programs on mitigating winterkill of Poa annua putting greens – Kevin Laskowski
  • New methods and recommendations for establishing creeping bentgrass – Dr. Trey Rogers
  • Mechanical methods to reduce disease incidence and encourage plant health – Dr. Thom Nikolai
  • Herbicide programs for managing naturalized rough areas and herbicide programs for eliminating Poa annua – Aaron Hathaway
  • Avoiding grub damage by growing smart lawns and athletic fields – Dr. David Smitley
  • Comparing precision spray equipment with wands and ride-on sprayers – Aaron Hathaway
  • Turfgrass species selection and management – Dr. Kevin Frank
  • Disease management in lawns and athletic fields – Dr. Joe Vargas, Jr.
  • Weed Management Update – Dr. Thom Nikolai
  • Turfgrass fertilizer technologies and environmental fate – Dr. Kevin Frank

Afternoon Workshops (1:00-3:00 p.m.) 2 MDARD Credits-3A, 3B, Comm CORE, Private CORE; .20 GCSAA Points

  1. Disease Walk. The MSU Turf Pathology research team will lead this diagnostic tour for pathogens at the turf center. If you have difficulty distinguishing between Laetisaria fuciformis and Limnomyces roseipellis on your golf course you definitely need to attend this workshop. Participants will learn:
    1. How to identify the common turfgrass diseases using both in-field techniques and microscopes
    2. Management options for common diseases including: dollar spot, brown patch, crown-rotting anthracnose, red thread, and pythium blight and root-rot.
    3. How to recognize the symptoms of summer decline of both bentgrass and Poa annua
    4. Weed Walk. As the weed walk enters it’s 15th year, the summer of 2015 has produced another bumper crop of weeds infesting turf. You’ll tour the turf center and learn identification characteristics of the common turf weeds and the best control practices. Tour will include discussion of best management practices both with and without herbicides to ensure high turfgrass quality and most importantly customer satisfaction.
    5. Athletic Field Roundtable and Tour: Field Management, it’s not always just about the sports (Old College Field on Campus – Plaza Entrance). The athletic field tour will visit the MSU baseball and softball facility. Attendees will be able to learn and view the installation of a new infield heating system designed to minimize spring freeze/thaw cycles in the infield during early spring games. Next on the agenda will be a roundtable discussion on how to prepare, manage, and recover from non-athletic events such as concerts, fireworks, weddings, and facility rentals to name a few. These events create challenges that are not typical of the wear and tear your fields normally experience.

Online Registration thru August 7, 2015:

  • Morning Presentations: $40 (On-Site and after August 7, 2015: $60)
  • Afternoon Workshops: $40  (On-Site and after August 7, 2015: $60)


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