Montcalm Placemaking

Date: February 28, 2013
Time: 6:30-9 p.m.
Location: Montcalm Intermediate School District, 621 New St., Stanton, MI 48888
Contact: Montcalm County MSU Extension,, 989-831-7500 or 616-225-7500

Montcalm County’s local units of government need to evaluate their role in the global economy. The Montcalm Placemaking workshop will cover two concepts that are important for our local planning officials to be familiar with.

The Economics of Place session will focus on one aspect of how local governments plan and operate differently. Using Form-Based Code as a different approach to the conventional zoning ordinance is one way to do this. This session will focus on the importance of Form-Based Code in the New Economy, what research shows the advantages are, why placemaking is a vital part of Michigan economic recovery. The session will provide placemaking and the Form-Based Code ideas and resources for integrating new economy concepts into the community planning process.

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So, some local units may find it helpful to consider the concept of form-based zoning in the “Form-Based Coding" session. Form-based zoning (FBZ) is different from conventional zoning because its emphasis is on the form of the built environment and not as much emphasis on what goes on inside the built environment.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Form Based Code is a prescriptive, not proscriptive, regulation focusing more on what is wanted, rather than trying to prohibit what is not wanted.
  • It is very good at shaping a high quality public realm (parks, streets, public spaces), that goes a long way toward effective placemaking.
  • It encourages public participation by allowing citizens to “see” what will happen – higher comfort level, and fewer “not in my backyard” reactions from the public.

The session will help you evaluate if Form-Based Code might be useful for your local planning. Kurt H. Schindler, AICP, MSU Extension Land Use Educator, will teach the workshop. Two Master Citizen Planner credits are offered for this class.

Early Registrations (for both sessions - cannot register for just one session):

  • Individual registration: $50 per person
  • Group registration (e.g., a quorum of your planning commission attending): $40 per person Late Registrations after FEBRUARY 20, 2O13
  • Individual registration: $60 per person
  • Group registration (e.g., a quorum of your planning commission attending): $50 per person

For a registration form contact Montcalm County MSU Extension: Phone: 989-831-7500 or 616-225-7500.

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