Mineral Rights Owners Meeting

Date: January 29, 2013
Location: 24220 Veterans Memorial Drive, Hillman, MI 49746
Contact: Curtis Talley Jr.,231-873-2129, talleycu@anr.msu.edu

Discusses “standard” oil and gas lease, pitfalls to avoid; landowner options leasing mineral rights, rules, regulations for oil and gas well construction.

A mineral rights leasing specialist from MSU Extension will discuss in layman's terms a standard oil and gas lease and the options mineral rights owners have to negotiate lease changes. Learn more about mineral rights leases, what the lease language means and how it impacts you both positively and negatively. Also featured will be a district geologist with the Department of Environmental Quality Office of Oil, Gas and Minerals discussing oil and gas well construction requirements, hydraulic fracturing, the Collingwood shale formation and regulation of the oil and gas industry. There will a question and answer period.

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