Managing Corn Rootworm in Intensive Corn Production Systems

Date: January 21, 2014
Time: 1 - 3 p.m.
Location: Smith Hall on the Clinton County Fairgrounds, 800 Sickles Street, St. Johns, MI 48879
Contact: Marilyn Thelen,, 989-227-6454

Corn hybrids with Bt traits for corn rootworm have provided growers with a good tool for controlling this pest. However, beginning in 2010, just 7 years after the introduction of the first corn rootworm Bt trait into cropping systems, the heavy corn producing states began to see problem fields. The common denominator in problem fields was multiple years with continuous corn and using the same Bt trait year-after-year. Michigan is on the fringe of this problem area and until 2012 Bt traits for corn rootworm were performing as expected. In 2012, a Cry3Bb field with severe damage and unexplained high rootworm numbers was identified in central Michigan. In 2013, more problem fields involving several different types of Bt were reported in the same area. During this workshop, Dr. Chris DiFonzo, Field Crops Entomologist with Michigan State University will discuss the corn rootworm situation in Michigan. A panel of agronomist from industry will provide information on products available to manage the pest. In addition, management strategies for intensive corn production will be discussed. Producers with corn-after-corn systems will want to attend this program for the latest information on managing corn rootworm.

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