Keeping Our Kids Safe

Date: April 25, 2014
Location: Sanilac MSU Extension, County Conference Room, 37 Austin Street, Sandusky, MI 48471
Contact: Gail Innis,, 810-648-2515 Ext. 116

Join us for a two hour training workshop; Keeping Our Kids Safe on Saturday, April 26, 2014 at Sanilac MSU Extension, 37 Austin St. Sandusky from 10am - 12 noon. While anyone can be a target of bullying behaviors, those most at risk for becoming victims include those who are passive, isolated, those who appear “weak”, or those who don’t “fit in” because of a “difference”. These differences can include race, disability, size, appearance and sexual orientation as well as those who are gender non-conforming. Helping those who are targeted to feel empowered, confident, and prepared to respond includes focusing on a plan for safety, learning assertive (as opposed to aggressive) responses, and building mindfulness to help stay psychologically and emotionally safe. Workshop registration is required online at or by phone at 810-648-2515 Ext. 116. A $10 training fee can be paid at the door the day of the class.

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