Iron County Lakes and Streams Partnership

Date: July 23, 2018
Location: 159 Young's Lane Iron River, MI 49935
Contact: Deb Divoki,

Western UP Lakes and Streams

Educational Conference

Our premier event this year builds on two highly successful events we co-sponsored last year with our neighbors to the west, the Invasive Species Control Coalition of Watersmeet Township.  Education about invasive species and lake and stream water quality, for beginner through expert, will be the theme.  We want to reach the “man-on-the street” as well as those already immersed in the topic.  So, no matter your level of interest, please join us.

We will soon be advertising this event…watch for details.  Please plan to register in advance to aid our planning as we expect a packed house with attendees from all over the area.

Here is why you want to attend this event.  You love your local lakes and streams and you want to learn more about them.  What makes them great, how are they being protected for generations to come, what challenges have been faced and what have we learned?  All questions we can answer.

Boater, fisherman, swimmer, sunset watcher…whatever it is that makes you appreciate the gifts our community has in its local lakes and streams…we will provide information in this conference that will interest you.  Like most of us, you are beginners in this topic but want to learn more

We will have several speakers in the morning then, in the afternoon, “breakout” sessions to pick and choose as you like, a tour of a portion of Chicagon Lake along with plenty of opportunities for you to ask questions and meet people.

Among our speakers:

  • Erick Elgin, Michigan State University Water Resource Education, who has visited here before and assisted many of you on lake water quality projects.
  • Susan Trull, USFS Botanist for the Ottawa National Forest, who works with everyone from foresters to gardeners to keep our landscapes free of invasive species.
  • Darcy Rutkowski, Executive Director of the Upper Peninsula Resource Conservation and Development Council will talk about funding invasive species control projects, a service that the Council provides.
  • Steve Tinti, a local attorney well versed in legal and local government topics that relate to water quality will answer questions in what is always an enlightening discussion since it involves local governmental bodies and policies, local citizen needs and wants, property rights, access rights, etc.
  • Barb Gajewski who, through her company Many Waters offers a wide variety of lake management services, will address where and how aquatic invasive species control techniques can be and are being successfully executed.
  • Several others speakers describing, from a layman’s standpoint, water quality projects or activities at specific lakes.
  •  If you want to go along, a lake tour on Chicagon Lake after the conclusion of the event will allow you to see the progress made there against Eurasian watermilfoil and the impacts of zebra mussels.

Separately from the Partnership, Young’s (formerly called the George Young Recreation Complex) will offer stay-and-play packages or golf discounts for those that might be interested.

We will be getting announcements and details out to the public in a timely fashion.  Pre-registration for the event will allow us to better plan for the day.  Your early response will be most helpful…and please pass the word about the event. 

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