Houghton Lake 4-H Adventure Quest Week #1

Date: July 6, 2014 - July 9, 2014
Time: 8:30-12:15 and 12:45 - 4:30
Location: Artesia Youth Park, 1800 S Loxley Rd, Houghton Lake, MI 48629
Contact: Nancy Persing, persing@msu.edu, (989) 275-5043

During the morning sessions of week #1 of Houghton Lake 4-H Adventure Quest our theme will be Creating Masterpieces. We will be making hypertufa yard planters and decorations, designing duct tape creations, coloring with shaving cream, painting rocks, building a solar oven, sculpting with clay and lots more. In the afternoon sessions of week #1 our theme is Connecting with Nature. We will be recreating weather elements, harnessing wind power, doing gardening projects, making plant people, creating magic wands, going on scavenger hunts, harvesting rainwater and lots more. The cost is $30 per week, plus the yearly $20 4-H Participation Fee. A limited number of partial scholarships are available. If you attend both sessions, lunch will be provided.

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