Harvest Meeting of the Midwest Nut Producers Council

Date: September 7, 2014
Time: 12 p.m.
Contact: Dennis Fulbright, fulbrig1@msu.edu.


The Midwest Nut Producers Council will hold its Harvest Meeting, Sunday, Sept. 7 at noon at the Clarksville Research Center (9302 Portland Road, Clarksville, Michigan 48815). After the meeting in the parking lot (restrooms available), we will proceed to the chestnut plot to look at the various cultivars and review past production records. We will informally discuss the 2013 Forrest Keeling transplants, the 2013/14 winter and the effects it had on the various cultivars including flowering and pollen production.  We will also discuss the Forrest Keeling 2014 transplant shipment arriving this October. There will be no formal presentation in the auditorium at this meeting. There will be light refreshments available (water and granola bars, so bring your own food).  This event is free of charge to all interested parties.  Midwest Nut Producer Council members will receive written packets of information at the meeting.

After the Clarksville meeting, you are welcome continue the Harvest Meeting by driving to the MSU south campus to observe even more cultivars and the chestnut blight treatment research program. MSU has chestnut blight and Clarksville, as of this summer, still does not have chestnut blight, so we will travel from the blight-free plots at Clarksville to the blighted plots at MSU.  It is a 45-minute drive to MSU from Clarksville.  The meeting will begin again at MSU at 3 p.m. Written driving directions will be provided at Clarksville if you wish to go to the MSU chestnut orchard.  


Visit the Harvest Meeting of the Midwest Nut Producers Council Registration Page for more information

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