Grazing of Fall Cover Crop Mixes Pasture Walk

Date: October 27, 2015
Time: 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Location: Salinas Beef Farm, Marion, MI.
Contact: Jerry Lindquist at 231-832-6139 or Greg White at 231-832-5341

Walk will start in filed at the corner of 15 Mile Rd and 50th Ave which is 2 miles west of the intersection of M-115 and M-66.

A walk hosted by the Salinas Beef Farm and cooperating agencies.  to showcase the potential to lower livestock feed cost by grazing multi species cover crop mixes. Hosts for the pasture walk will be Doris, Andres, Lynn, Andy II and Andy III Salinas.

Five comparison mixes of forage oats, dwarf essex rape, cereal grain rye, turnips, hybrid rape, forage radishes, and collards were no tilled into a wheat stubble field in August. The cow herd will begin grazing the mixes in October typically reducing feed costs in late fall/early winter by 40% or more while also improving the soil.

The event is sponsored by the MAEAP, MSU Extension and NRCS Offices of Osceola County with financial support from the Michigan Farm Bureau.


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