GLTPA 4th Annual Spring Celebration

Date: April 16, 2012
Location: Island Resort and Casino US 399 Hwy 2 Harris, MI 49845

There will be plenty of reasons to celebrate at the GLTPA 4th Annual Spring Celebration and Membership Meeting. The event, which will be held during breakup at the Island Resort and Casino on April 16, includes SFI and SFE credited speakers, exhibitors, lunch buffet, prizes and Merit Awards.

Although this event is in its infancy, it has been progressively growing over the past two years. The 2010 event at the Island Casino in Harris, MI, had approximately 250 attendees, while the event at The Patriot Center almost doubled at 460 in attendance. It just goes to show that the world is run by those who show UP!

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GLTPA Member -$25 (includes SFI/SFE Credit)
GLTPA Member- $15 (does NOT include SFI/SFE Credit)
ALL NON-GLTPA Members-$40 (includes SFI/SFE Credit)  

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