Eaton County 4-H Project Runway

Date: April 19, 2013
Time: 3:30 p.m.
Location: Eaton County Fairgrounds, Kardel Hall 1025 S Cochran Road, Charlotte, MI 48813
Contact: Christine Sisung, 517-543-2310,

Eaton County 4-H's Style Review, better known as 4-H Project Runway will be held April 20 at Kardel Hall at the Eaton County Fairgrounds. This will be a great chance for cloverbuds and 4-H members to showcase the work they have completed in their sewing, knitting, and crocheting projects.

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  1. If you are not sure of a member competing in Style Revue, register them anyway. We can cross them off but we can’t add after April 1. No registrations will be allowed after April 1, 2013. No walk-ins will be allowed. Please plan accordingly and send your registrations in early so that everyone who wants to participate will be able to do so. There is a $5 participant fee per member for youth from outside Eaton County to be submitted with the registration forms. The fee is non-refundable. Please complete and submit the county summary form as well.
  2. Tags will be made ahead of time with the number and member’s name. Tags will be put in envelopes for leaders to pick up and distribute to members before judging. If you cannot be present to register on April 20, please have someone fill in for you.
  3. If you register a member and later find out that they will not be showing, please call the Eaton County MSU Extension office to let us know. That helps to keep things running smoothly during judging.
  4. Age Group Breakdown (As of 1-1-11): 
    • Cloverbuds: 5-9 year olds
    • Young: 10-11 year olds
    • Junior: 12-14 year olds
    • Senior: 15-19 year olds

Completed registration forms and Narration Cards must be returned to the Eaton County MSU Extension office by April 1, 2013. No exceptions! All Registration material must be completed as a club and turned in by Club.

Judging Details

3:30p.m. Leaders register and pick up registration tags for all members

4:30 Judging begins in the following order: Sewing (youngest to oldest), Knitting (youngest to oldest), Crocheting (youngest to oldest); Original Design (youngest to oldest); Recycled Garments (youngest to oldest)

5:00 Cloverbuds need to arrive

5:30 Prepare for the Style Show

6:00 Style Show.

Please note that the time schedule is approximate and may vary slightly according to the number of participants. There will be changing rooms available. Members should bring their garments, change into them before being evaluated and be ready for judging at their designated time. Cloverbuds will not be judged but are invited and welcome to participate in the show. They will go on stage at the beginning of the show, before all other age groups.

  1. We strongly suggest that only one adult family member attend the judging session. It gets very crowded, plus judging is usually long and uninteresting to small children. This leads to audience noise that distracts the participants. Additional family members and friends are welcome and encouraged to come to the style show.
  2. The evaluations will generally be based on fit and style of the garment, if it is cleaned and pressed, the major construction points that show, grooming, posture and attitude. In other words, it is on the total member and how they present themselves and the garment made. Comment sheets from the judges will not be handed out.
  3. Afghans and other non-wearing items will be judged ONLY at fair. Non-apparel items and members for whom garments are made are not allowed during the judging sessions.
  4. Only garments that can be worn at the same time are allowed during the judging. For example: a member who makes both slacks and a skirt must decide which to wear for judging. The extra garment should be carried in the evening style show. Tags are to be worn on the (member’s) RIGHT side of the garment.
  5. Leaders and parents are not allowed at the judges’ table during the judging sessions.
  6. For safety and sanitation reasons, no live animals are to be involved in modeling during judging or the evening show.

Style Show Details

5:30 p.m. Prepare for Style Show. Line up by projects. Members in more than one project (e.g. sewing and knitting) will be first in line after cloverbuds. Cloverbuds will go on stage first during the show.

6:00 p.m. Style Show

  1. The show will be narrated. Each member must turn in a narration with their registration. Narration forms must be typed on 3-inch by 5-inch cards only. Narrations will not be accepted if handwritten or on any other paper.
  2. Use the following guidelines when writing the narration. Write narrations mentioning the name, club, age, year in project and garment description. Help make the 4-H member feel comfortable with the narrations by practicing timing and pacing. Be sure the narration is neither too short nor too long. Narrations will be edited if they are too long. Information is available on writing a narrative.
  3. After modeling on stage, members are asked to go quietly to the special section reserved for them to sit in or go quietly to the dressing room if they have more than one garment to model.
  4. Awards will be presented on a percentage basis for each project and age group. Awards are given for honor group, style revue and best of show areas. Presentations will be made during the Style Show.
  5. All parents, relatives and friends are invited to the evening Style Show. The Style Show is not a requirement of the county for completing the 4-H Personal Appearance project, but members are encouraged to attend.

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