Eaton County 4-H Pre-Fair Dog Fun Match

Date: May 31, 2013
Time: 7:30-9 a.m. for registration; Show starts at 9 a.m.
Location: Eaton County Fairgrounds 1025 S Cochran Road, Charlotte, MI 48813
Contact: Christine Sisung, 517-543-2310,

Eaton County 4-H dog project leaders and members extend a HEARTY WELCOME to Michigan 4-H Dog Project members and leaders and invite you to join us for a day of showing and fun being hosted by: Eaton County 4-H Dog Clubs.

Registration from 7:30-9 a.m. Intermediate Agility begins at 9 a.m. Class Fees For Youth and Adult Classes: Pre-registration: $4 per class by May 15. Day of Show: $6 per class.

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Eaton County 4-H Dog Match Rules

  1. Exhibitor must be a resident of Michigan.
  2. 4-H rules and guidelines will be followed for all classes.
  3. Any misuse of the Eaton County Fairgrounds or buildings will result in the exhibitor and their exhibits being evicted from the grounds and all awards forfeited.
  4. Dogs showing signs of illness, unthriftiness, or disease will be barred from the match.
  5. Eaton County 4-H Youth Programs, MSU Extension, and Eaton County Fairboard are not responsible for losses due to theft, fire, accidents, etc..
  6. Appropriate behavior from all exhibitors, guests, and spectators towards each other as well as the dogs will be required at all times. If inappropriate behavior occurs, the individual or group will not be allowed to show and/or awards will be forfeited.
  7. Exhibitors must clean up after their dogs.
  8. Exhibitors must attach to the registration form a photocopy of the dogs current vaccination record of Bordetella (kennel cough), DHLPP and Rabies. No puppies under five (5) months of age allowed to show. Puppies must have started or completed the series of DHLPP shots in order to show. Dogs will not show without necessary papers.
  9. Females in season will be allowed to show but at the very end of their class(es). They must be crated and kept away from the show ring until they are called. Please let the registration person know you have a female in season so that she can be properly scheduled
  10. Only dogs entered in the match are allowed on the grounds.
  11. Exhibitors are asked to dress appropriately. No hats, mini-skirts, old T-shirts or jeans, shorts, bare mid-drifts or shoulders, open-toed shoes or flip flops, etc. are allowed. Tennis shoes are highly suggested.
  12. This is an awards-only match. No premiums given.
  13. Concessions will be available from L & M Concessions.
  14. Silent Auction (dog-related items) Auction will close by noon.
  15. Grounds available for screen tents/easy-ups, lawn chairs and crates.
  16. All three rings will be held under pavilions.

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