Current Issues Affecting Michigan Local Governments: Gathering the Opinions of Hard-to-Reach Residen

Date: March 28, 2018
Time: 1 - 2 p.m.
Location: Webinar
Contact: Eric Walcott,, 517-353-9106.

This program is an online webinar. The webinar link will be sent out following registration. 

Presentation by:

  • Tom Miller, Ph.D., President and CEO of National Research Center, Inc. 


Elected and appointed officials at all levels of local government, as well as interested local government staff and residents.


The July 2017 Michigan Public Policy Survey, conducted by University of Michigan’s Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy revealed that Michigan’s local leaders want their citizens to play a larger role in policymaking, but report declining engagement. More than half of Michigan’s local leaders report that their jurisdiction offers “a great deal” of opportunities for citizens to engage, but less than half (46%) say their citizens are even somewhat engaged and only 10% say they are very engaged. 

Our guest this month, Tom Miller, President and CEO of National Research Center, Inc has worked in state and local government and written extensively on how to seek and use citizen input. On this month’s webinar, Tom will focus on how to gather the opinions of hard-to-reach residents in order to make sure that citizen input is representative of the entire community. 

Future webinars will address timely topics related to local government in Michigan. Participants who are not able to attend can register to receive a recording of the webinar.

Cost: Free

Potential Future Topics

  • Assessing and Addressing Local Service Needs
  • Road and Transportation Funding
  • Tourism and short-term rentals
  • Public Engagement on “Wicked” Issues
  • Strategic Planning in Local Government
  • Fiscal Sustainability
  • Engaging the Public in the Budget Process 


For information on this webinar series, or to view previous webinars, visit the program page: 


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