Conflict, Collaboration and Consensus in Natural Resources (CCCNR)

Date: March 2, 2015 - April 15, 2015
Location: 14901 4H Drive, Tustin, MI 49688
Contact: 517-335-7383,

Do you work with natural resource-based groups or individuals who often find themselves in conflict situations?  Michigan State University Extension offers an intensive program designed to help you gain confidence and competence in helping groups and communities productively address contentious natural resource issues. 

Participants will:
• Gain conflict resolution skills related to listening, questioning, dealing with difficult behaviors, and facilitating dialogue  
• Achieve a deeper understanding of the continuum of conflict management options and approaches, and skill in diagnosing situations and choosing appropriate strategies
• Build expertise in facilitating collaborative problem solving and deliberation among groups
• Form a clearer understanding of the roles of both scientific facts and human values in contentious issues
• Explore alternative approaches to synthesizing and incorporating public input
• Become part of an interactive statewide network of natural resource professionals dedicated to facilitating natural resource conflicts in creative and collaborative ways
The program is divided into two sessions:

March 2-3 & April 14-15, 2015

Kettunen Center, 14901 4H Drive, Tustin, MI 49688

Participants MUST be able to attend both sessions, as the second builds on the information and material introduced in the first session. This also enables participants to develop long-term professional relationships with each other across agencies and geographic locations.

Cost: $495


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