Comprehensive Grass Roots Approach to Community Development

Date: March 9, 2015 - May 8, 2015
Location: Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians, Community Center, 3664 Zhow-Noong Circle, Harbor Springs, MI
Contact: Emily Proctor, 231-439-8927, 231-348-1770,, emily.proctor8 (Skype),

ICA is a leader in “grassroots” processes in communities around the world. When people work together to meet their changing social and economic needs, community development is successful and sustainable. The result is long term, locally motivated change.

This CDI has three modules of two days each. The history, land, culture and spirit of each community form the respectful bedrock on which future initiatives are considered. Each participant becomes a practitioner with skills to launch and sustain projects and programs. The key to community development always lies in people working together to meet changing social and economic needs.

After taking this course you will have practical tools and an understanding of the methods and approaches so that you can:

• Ensure effective grass roots participation. 
• Map assets and relationships of a whole community 
• Motivate multi-stakeholder groups to action. 
• Develop a grass roots vision. 
• Empower collaborations and partnerships. 
• Create innovative strategies and do-able projects. 
• Balance implementation with celebration. 
• Organize participatory evaluation. 
• Extend, replicate or bring closure to projects.

• These approaches have been used worldwide to launch and sustain thousands of community-based initiatives. They empower people to take charge of their own development. 
• Methods of whole system development work for any of housing, education, health, social services, business, commerce, agriculture, industry, organization, culture. It also enables all of them to be implemented together, if necessary. 
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• A Comprehensive Grassroots Approach When people work together to meet their own changing social and economic needs, community development is successful and sustainable.

For over 35 years, ICA has been implementing its “grass-roots” process in communities around the world, resulting in long-term, locally motivated change. The Community Development Intensive is a five day course which establishes the context of community development as a whole-system change. This course covers the full cycle of community based change.

Learn how to:
• Ensure grass roots participation. 
• Motivate groups to action. 
• Develop a grass roots vision. 
• Analyze the obstacles and create innovative strategies. 
• Convert plans into visible, do-able projects. 
• Build supportive relationships. 
• Sustain cross -sectional collaboration. 
• Generate a sustainable development process.

A Comprehensive Grassroots Approach. This intensive covers the full cycle of community development initiatives. When people work together to meet their own changing social and economic needs, community development is successful and sustainable.

• Course Agenda Day One: Doing the Analysis Approaches to CD Experience & Expectations 9 Ingredients Of CD Approaches To CD Situational Analysis Lab Ladder of Participation Field Research: Local Community Using The Social Process Triangles 
• Day Two: Analyzing the Community Analysis Economic, Social & Cultural Presuppositions Of CD Creating A Geo-Social Grid Presentation Of Grids And Data Frame working Friends And Enemies In CD Program Screen Focusing A Project Creating A Framework Of Support 
• Day Three: Launching the Project Planning Vision Obstacles Partnering Strategies Creating Strategic Partnerships 
• Day Four: Implementing the Plan Action Plan CD Organizational Dynamics Action Planning TimeLine Action Plan Implementation Miracle Stories Principles Successful Implementation Project Coordination & Monitoring 
• Day 5: Telling The Story Evaluating The Human Change Needed In The CD Journey Project Evaluation Creating An Evaluation Process Documenting CD Project Process Cycle Documentation And Sharing Stories Of Success Evaluation & Celebration • Learn to facilitate economic self-sufficiency, community identify and shared leadership Increase community participation and involvement by adopting a community development approach.

Local groups and organizations are assuming increasing levels of responsibility and need tools to make their efforts effective. These methods and applications can increase your ability to catalyze initiatives in your community. This course is for community agencies, community development groups, community planners, community economic advisers, community relations officers, concerned citizens, environmentalists, private consultants, private business people. Increase motivation, commitment and competence in your community initiative:

• Increased participation and involvement 
• Deeper sense of purpose and motivation
• Residents feel a sense of ownership and responsibility for their community 
• Plan your project with maximum support and involvement of stakeholders 
• Keep a your project moving; so people don’t falter after a good beginning.


  • Government and community partner rate: $310
  • Consultant Rate: $500
  • All Elders and students, please contact Emily Proctor for scholarship information.


March 9-10
March 13-14
May 7-8


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