Climate Change Educational Series

Date: April 3, 2014 - May 5, 2014
Time: 6 - 9 p.m.
Location: Oakland County Executive Office, Building Conference Center, 2100 Pontiac Lake Road, Waterford, MI, 48328
Contact: Bindu Bhakta, 248-858-5198,

Thursday, April 3: Climate Literacy and Trends- The complex system that makes our planet capable of supporting life, clearly described; the important distinction between climate and weather; and past and future climate trends in the Great Lakes Region, all taught in a way that makes climate change relevant and interesting to Michiganders.

Monday, April 14: Climate Change’s Impact on Michigan’s Wildlife Species- How species of birds, trees, mammals, fish and reptiles already are responding to a warmer, wetter, more climate-variable Michigan.

Monday, April 21: Social and Health Implications of Changing Climate- Water scarcity and poor water quality, both in Michigan and in other parts of North America, will likely affect state and national water policy.  A warmer, wetter Michigan al increases the threats of disease and heat stroke in Michigan’s more vulnerable populations.

Monday, May 5: Climate Resilient Communities- How local units of government can improve community infrastructure to both adapt to and slow down climate change through the use of energy-efficient buildings, walkable neighborhoods, green spaces, and storm water management.

Please visit the Climate Change Educational Series registration page for more information.

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