Clean Trucks & Clean Drivers Educational Meeting

Date: August 14, 2015
Time: 2:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Location: Travel America Truck Stop in Tekonsha, MI
Contact: Beth Ferry,

The goal of this event is to provide biosecurity information and tools to swine haulers in the state of Michigan, include load in/out crews and farm employees/owners. Lunch will be included and there will be no charge for this event. 

Agenda items:

  • Current review of disinfection types – Dr. Madonna Gemus
    • How do they work
      • Contact time needed, temperatures
      • Drying time – throughout the 4 seasons
    • Equipment needed on the truck or at truck wash
  • Clean Trucks/Clean Drivers – Dr. Cathy Templeton

    • What are pork producers looking for in transportation biosecurity/Best practices
    • What is a clean truck - Truck washing, disinfection and drying protocols
    • Potential for visual discussion using a truck and trailer
  • Wheels in Motion - How to keep your trucks on the road and business growing  - Beth Ferry and Tom Guthrie

    • What do your customers want and what can you provide?
    • Review a simple survey with MPPA board regarding transport desires – clean, disinfect, handling guidelines, proof of wash/disinfectant, driving training for handling, relationship with APHIS/Professionalism/biosecurity training of driver, TQA/PQA training, rollover training (situation response), certain trailer type, expectations vs enhancements
      • What do producers want? What are they producer willing to pay more for?
        • Would you be willing to pay (10/20 cents a hog) more for certain things?
      • 5 things to look for when selecting transportation services (producer)
      • 5 things to promote your transportation services (driver)

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