Building Early Emotional Skills in Young Children

Date: October 9, 2017 - November 27, 2017
Time: Self-paced
Location: Online
Contact: Carrie Shrier,

Michigan State University Extension’s online parenting education class Building Early Emotional Skills or BEES is now open for enrollment for the next session beginning Oct. 9, 2017. This a research based, eight-week series focuses on strengthening early emotional skills in infants and toddlers through supporting early parenting and parent-infant relationship.

There is NO COST for this fully on-line, self-paced training for parents of children birth through age three. Each week for eight-weeks, a new weeks’ worth of course content opens to class participants, and a group chat forum is open for guided conversation among peers. Participants must have custody or guardianship of a child age birth through three to participate, adults such as early childhood educators or agency staff without custody of children ages 0-3 are not eligible to enroll at this time.  Participants must have regular internet access, including the ability to stream video content in order to participate. Certificates of participation are provided for foster parents and child care providers upon request. 

Interested participants may click on this link to register,

 Comments from previous participants include:

  •  “I learned how to handle my child’s stress and tantrums.”
  • “I learned that temper tantrums aren’t toddlers being bad!”
  • “I learned that [children] will feel angry/upset sometimes. That’s normal, and I have to help her navigate those feelings rather than trying to stop her being upset.”
  • “I learned that using words to voice my child’s emotions gives them power and helps them understand and not to act out in appropriate ways.”
  • “I learned what my children’s behavior really means and the best ways for me to handle it.”


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