Automated Calf Feeding

Date: December 13, 2017
Time: 1:30 - 3 pm
Location: Hogan Dairy Farm, 5931 Beahan Road, Muir (Ionia County) - Please enter from the Hogan Rd. Drive
Contact: Faith Cullens - 989-224-5249 (office), 517-388-1078 (cell), or

Automatic calf feeding facilities are becoming very popular in Michigan. These feeders allow calves to consume large volumes of milk in small meals throughout the day, resulting in high growth rates of pre-weaned calves. Unfortunately, there are some challenges and misperceptions that must be addressed before producers invest in this technology. On Wednesday December 13, MSU Extension will host an educational tour at Hogan Dairy in Muir, Michigan. The Ionia county event will feature a facility tour of the 2 year old building, highlight the changes made to the heifer raising program since going to automated calf feeding, and discuss general management considerations for this type of calf raising. Additionally, farm owner, Andrew Hogan will highlight the planning that went into the barn, his goals, and pitfalls to avoid. There will be discussions on sanitation including a demonstration of an ATP meter to measure bacterial activity.  Featured speakers include Jenna Taylor (Harvey’s Commodities), Elizabeth Marvel (Milk Specialties), Andrew Hogan (Hogan Dairy) and Faith Cullens (MSU Extension). There is no charge for this event, however RSVPs are appreciated.

RSVP to Faith Cullens at 989-224-5249 or

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