Advances in Berry Production

Date: March 19, 2014 - March 21, 2014
Location: Springfield Golf and Country Club, 2054 Gordon Street, Guelph, Ontario
Contact: Ontario Berry Growers Association, 613-258-4587 or

A two-day workshop is being offered to provide current and potential berry growers in-depth knowledge on the production of day-neutral strawberries and culture of raspberries using protective structures. The intent is to provide cutting edge information from growers and researchers.

The workshop will be held March 20-21, 2014, at the Springfield Golf and Country Club, 2054 Gordon Street, Guelph, Ontario. Attendees will benefit most if they already grow or plan to grow day-neutral strawberries or raspberries in greenhouses or tunnels, but all are welcome to attend. It’s not a basic learn-to-grow type of program. The goal is to learn from each other, share research results and what you have learned in the field through trial and error. Speakers are coming from Michigan, Ontario and Quebec.

Pre-registration is required at $150 for two days or $100 for one day. To register, call or email the Ontario Berry Growers Association at 613-258-4587 or Space is limited to 50 participants, so register soon. View a brochure for the full agenda and more information.

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