4-H Visual Arts, Crafts, Sewing and Textiles Workshop

Date: October 17, 2015 - October 18, 2015
Location: Kettunen Center, 14901 4H Drive,Tustin, MI 49688
Contact: Connie Lange, 517-279-4311, langec@anr.msu.edu

The conference is open to 4-H members and non-members aged 12 (by Jan. 1, 2016) and older. The conference is also open to 4-H staff, adult 4-H volunteers and adults who work with youth in a variety of educational settings. The 2015 conference is for individuals who are willing to re-teach the skills they learn and knowledge they gain in their communities.

The 2015 4-H Visual Arts, Crafts, Sewing and Textiles Workshop objectives are for participants to:
1.    Get energized with lots of new ideas for working with youth in visual arts, crafts, sewing and textile projects.
2.    Learn how youth can develop life skills by participating in the arts.
3.    Support and encourage creativity in 4-H projects.
4.    Discover how leadership, citizenship, entrepreneurship, career development, and science skill development can be a part of your projects.
5.    Meet and share ideas with 4-H teen and adult volunteers from around the state.
6.    Develop a county plan of action for using the new knowledge and skills back home.

Support for this workshop is provided by donors to the Michigan 4-H Foundation.


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