4-H Ag Innovators Experience Teen Volunteer Training 2015

Date: February 21, 2015 - February 22, 2015
Time: 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Location: Kettunen, 14901 4-H Drive, Tustin, MI
Contact: nashbett@msu.edu, 810-648-2515 ext. 309.

4-H teen volunteers are being sought to help meet the challenge of feeding the world!!!  Teens will be selected to lead the implementation of the “4-H Ag Innovators Experience” project in Michigan, which will reach 1250 youth in 2015.  The 4-H Ag Innovators Experience promotes career exploration in STEM and agriculture career clusters through a hands-on science activity and video contest.

The 2015 4-H Ag Innovators Experience will explore how water is used as a vital resource in agriculture production.  The hands-on activity will engage youth in small groups in a science activity to build a structure using the provided kit.  Teens will lead youth through the activity and follow-up questions.

Up to 30 teens ages 13-19 years old from across Michigan will be selected to participate in this project.


  • Provide leadership to implement hands-on science activity that will reach 1250 youth in Michigan with the 4-H Ag Innovators Experience activity
  • Utilize 4-H Experiential Learning Model to engage youth in a rich learning experience
  • Assist with collection of program evaluations from youth participants
  • Educate youth about career opportunities in agriculture and STEM fields; promote a positive college-going culture
  • Promote the 4-H Ag Innovators Experience video contest; be a resource to youth developing video entries


  • Michigan 4-H member ages 13-19
  • Skills: leadership, communication, teamwork, self-motivation, responsibility, critical thinking, organization

Important Dates

  • February 21-22, 2015         teen leader training @Kettunen Center (attendance required; up to 5 teens from a single county may register to attend this training)
    • Drop off for training            2/21/15  11:00 a.m.             Kettunen Center (14901 4-H Drive, Tustin, MI)
    • Pick up from training          2/22/15 3:00 p.m.
  • Monthly March-June           planning conference calls
  • March-June                          activity implementation at various events (local and statewide; divided among teen volunteers)
  • March 18th                             National Ag Day launch event (near MSU; attendance encouraged)
  • April TBD                               Water use educational field trip (attendance encouraged)
  • March, April, May TBD        Regional trainings with youth voice/communication training
  • June 24-26                           4-H Exploration Days (teen volunteers needed to lead session); & wrap-up meeting and evaluations for teen volunteers


  • Each teen participating in the project identifies a local audience of at least 30 youth to reach with the 4-H Ag Innovators Experience activity
  • Teen volunteers attend provided training (if a county has more than 5 teens interested in the project, teens attending the statewide training will take information back to remaining teens in their county)
  • Teen volunteers attend and help with program delivery at 1 or more of the following events: National Ag Day, Educational Field Trip, one of the regional trainings,  4-H Exploration Days, or the International audience reached with this activity
  • Participate in the project as a team-player; be sure to follow through on all commitments to the project
  • Transportation related to participation in all trainings, events, and activities is the responsibility of the teen volunteer’s family and/or arrangements may be requested through local 4-H program.  Mileage reimbursement for most training and related travel expenses will be provided.

 Registrations and Scholarships

  • Registration fee for Kettunen Center training is $10.  The remainder of conference expenses will be covered by the grant.
  • A $50 scholarship for 4-H Exploration Days will be provided for up to 30 teen volunteers.  All expectations and requirements outlined in the description must be completed before Exploration Days in order to receive scholarship.  Participants are responsible for the balance of their Exploration Days registration (check with local county for other scholarship opportunities)


 Up to 30 teen volunteers will be selected to participate in this project.

Interested teens should register for the training at Kettunen Center using the online events management system

  1. A copy of the 4-H media/medical release form and a copy of the youth’s overnight housing permission form (ages 13-17) or background check form (ages 18-20) should be mailed to Betty Jo Krosnicki by 2/13/15 
         Betty Jo Krosnicki
         Sanilac MSU Extension
        171 Dawson St Suite 323
        Sandusky, MI 48471
  2. In the event that more youth register than we have space for in this training, applications will be ranked for selection based on applicant’s responses to the following questions with consideration for leadership experience, subject knowledge and interest, and geographic location.  Registrants will attach responses in online events management; limit total response to not more than 1 page.
    1. What are your career goals?  How do you intend to reach your goals?
    2. Provide evidence of your leadership abilities
    3. What does teamwork mean to you?
    4. Give an example of a project where you have demonstrated responsibility
    5. Describe a time that things did not go as you had planned.  How did you handle the situation? 
    6. Explain a situation when you had to ask some for help 


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