4-H Veterinary Science Teen and Adult Leaders Workshop

Date: February 21, 2014 - February 22, 2014
Location: Kettunen Center, 14901 4H Drive, Tustin, MI 49688
Contact: Julie Thelen, 517-432-1626, thelenju@msu.edu

Explore animal systems and learn about animal health for a broad array of animal species. Come prepared to learn from others, share information and experiences, ask questions and quiz veterinarians about their careers.  You will also participate in hands-on demonstrations that will teach you how to help members recognize healthy, sick, or injured animals.  Meet other youth that have developed outstanding veterinary science projects and gain ideas to help others start their own vet science projects.  Open to adult and teen volunteers ages 13 (as of January 1, 2014) and older. 

Visit the 4-H Veterinary Science Teen and Adult Leaders Workshop registration page for more information.

Support for this workshop is provided by Greenstone Farm Credit Services.

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