4-H Archery Tournament

Date: May 8, 2015
Time: 9 a.m.
Location: Clare Rod & Gun Club, 10488 S Eberhart Rd, Clare, MI 48617
Contact: Michelle Stiglich, 989-539-7805, stiglic2@anr.msu.edu; David Kinberg, clare.county.4h.shoot@gmail.com

Come join us for the 13th Annual Clare County 4-H Archery Tournament sponsored by the Bow Masters 4-H Club! There will be an Awards ceremony immediately following the tournament.

Description of Archery Events

  • 3-D: Participants will shoot at 15 simulated animal targets over a variable distant field range. They will be given 1 shot per target. Scoring will be 10, 8, and 5 on main body parts. No scores will be given on leg shots.
  • Target: Participants will shoot at a fixed distance depending on class. Cloverbuds will shoot 10 yards other divisions will shoot at 20 yards. Shooting format will use FITA 10 point targets with 6 arrows and 5 rounds of scoring. There will be allowed two rounds of Target practice prior to scoring.
  • Team Events: There will be 4 shooters per team, with five shots of 3-D or 2 rounds of Target per team member.

Age Divisions

  • Cloverbud Ages 7-8 any type of equipment
  • Beginner Ages 9-11
  • Junior Ages 12-14
  • Senior Ages 15-19

Class Divisions

  • Unsighted - Unsighted with fingers
  • Sighted - Sighted with fingers
  • Open - Sighted Compounds with releases

Team Events: 

Target - Unsighted / Sighted Target - Open 3-D - Unsighted / Sighted 3-D - Open

Food available on grounds:

  • Hot Dog: $1
  • Polish Dog $1.50
  • Chili and Cheese extra $.50
  • Nachos $2
  • Pop $1
  • Root Beer Floats $1.50
  • Coffee $.50

Rules and Regulations

  1. Registration Fee: $10 day of event.
  2. Permission slip and medical release form required.
  3. No Equipment is provided.
  4. Participants should have 6 arrows and arm guard. Arrows are to remain in quivers until time of shooting.
  5. No laser, scope sights, leveling devices permitted.
  6. No overdraws permitted.
  7. Bow poundage limited to 65# or less.
  8. Medals will be given to 3 places for Beginner, Junior and Senior classes. Certificates will be given for the team events. Achievement Awards will be given to Cloverbuds. Any classes fewer than 3 participants will be awarded certificates.
  9. In the event of a tie, high score of selected targets in 3-D and selected rounds in field will be evaluated. Target selection will be the discretion of the tournament director.
  10. Decisions of scores from range commander and scorekeeper/coach are final.
  11. No practice allowed on grounds during tournament day.
  12. Poor conduct, sportsmanship or improper language on part of the shooter while participating in the Tournament are grounds for immediate disqualification.

Please see the attached flier for more details, a location map, the registration form.

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