2017 Master Citizen Planner Webinar Series

Date: December 21, 2017
Time: 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Location: Webinar
Contact: Janean Danca, 269-657-8213, cplanner@msu.edu

The 2017 Master Citizen Planner (MCP) Webinar Series is designed to offer participants the latest updates and information on current topics. Using Zoom Webinar, MSU Extension educators will provide an overview of topics of interest to planning and zoning officials. Webinars are the third Thursday of February, April, June, August, October and December from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Each session is available individually or participants can register for all six at once. MCPs will earn one hour of continuing education per webinar.

2017 Topics include:

  • Is there such a thing as rural placemaking? - February 16 - Dean Solomon; You’ve likely heard the term Placemaking – creating quality places where people want to live, work, play and visit. Much of the discussion is around urban placemaking, but what about rural areas? Learn about how placemaking concepts and practices can apply to rural Michigan townships.
  • Writing Parks and Recreation Plans - April 20 - Ingrid Ault; Learn the steps and best practices for developing a 5-year Parks and Recreation Master Plan in this webinar. Examples of how to develop maintenance and management plans for three different park environments will also be provided. Park plans for a preserve, a Trailway, and an urban park will be explored and evaluated for different content. Learn for this webinar so you won’t make mistakes when you write your plans!
  • Tools, Tips, and Techniques for local government success in the New Economy - June 15 Crystal Wilson; Many people have heard of the New Economy or global economy, but what are local governments doing to prepare for it? Now is the time for communities in Michigan to assess their planning, zoning, and local practices to support the ways many businesses think, act, and remain competitive in this new world. This webinar will provide best practices, checklists, and guides to assist urban, rural, and suburban communities to prepare for success in the New Economy.
  • Real Estate Law for Planning Commissioners - August 17 - Wend Walker; Local land use decision-makers often interact with real estate attorneys who represent development project participants and handle the legal issues involved. This webinar will demystify the legal lingo you hear and help you review development proposals with a better understanding of real estate law, including due diligence, ownership structures, leases, easements, private land use controls, and project financing.
  • Understanding and Planning for the Shared Economy - October 19 - Andy Northrop; The Sharing Economy, characterized by the sharing and reuse of excess goods and services, has spawned opportunities for leveraging assets and fostering business ventures, thus leading to a new wave of entrepreneurs in the 21st century. As a result, ventures, such as ridesharing, shared housing, and other shared services are moving communities to rethink (and redesign) policies and plans. This program will address a number of Sharing Economy business models that have empowered entrepreneurship and discuss a number of policies communities can take to foster this growing trend. Industry, such as travel and tourism, will be used as an example.
  • Land Use Legislative and Case Law Recap for 2017 - December 21 - Brad Neumann, AICP; Local government planning and zoning responsibilities and limitations are ever-changing. Learn about major legislation and case law that has come to influence your community’s planning and zoning program during 2017. What you don’t know can still land you in court!

Cost per webinar: $10 for MCPs; $20 for Regular Registrants



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