2015 Placemaking Strategy Development Workshops

Date: March 23, 2015 - May 31, 2015
Location: Multiple

The MIplace Partnership Initiative is a statewide initiative that has Michigan at the forefront of a national movement known as placemaking. It’s a simple concept. Communities that offer a high quality of life and amenities that are important to talented workers can be very competitive in the global economy. Communities that don’t have these features and do not enjoy these economic benefits can create them through a process called placemaking.

Placemaking Strategy Development Workshops are designed to move your community through training and to action. The trainings are based on the MIplace Placemaking Curriculum that has now been taught to nearly 10,000 stakeholders in the last two years. There are two workshops options:

Option 1: Overview – This workshop is three hours long and provides training from Modules 1-3 of the MIplace Placemaking Curriculum.

  • Module 1: People, Places and Placemaking defines and discusses terms and definitions, and presents the most fundamental elements of placemaking.
  • Module 2: Economics of Place explores how the global New Economy functions, and reviews research that supports placemaking and its role in community economic development.
  • Module 3: Neighborhoods, Streets and Connections explains the role the built environment has in creating places. Form is considered in context of land use issues, such as zoning, density, mix, connectivity, health and walkability.

Option 2: Overview + Placemaking Strategy Development – This workshop has two parts and runs 6 hours.

  • The first part provides training from Modules 1-3 of the MIplace Placemaking Curriculum.
  • The second part supplies facilitators to assist your community in developing a draft placemaking strategy.

There will be a meal break provided so participants can get lunch or dinner on their own after Part One and before the last 2+ hours of the workshop for Part Two.

The intended audience is city council and township boards; local, county and regional staff; county and planning commissioners; and key developers and community members. Communities will need multiple participants to maximize synergy and benefit for the community.

Placemaking as an economic development tool concept that is sweeping Michigan, the nation, and the world. Don’t be left behind. Be in the know! There will likely not be a more affordable (free) opportunity to ready your community to capture future, limited resources.

MSU Extension is offering up to 6.0 continuing education hours for Master Citizen Planners (MCP). Those who attend Option 1 will receive 3.0 hours and those who attend both parts (Option 1 and 2) will receive 6.0 continuing education hours.

While RSVP’s are required for this event, the workshops are free of charge. Please RSVP at least one week prior to each workshop.

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