2015 Michigan 4-H Children’s China Art Exchange Project

Date: February 19, 2015
Time: 4 p.m.
Location: Online
Contact: brinn@anr.msu.edu, 269-673-0370, ext. 2555

The Michigan 4-H China Project, conducted in cooperation with the People’s Republic of China, is a global education program that often uses the arts for both in-school and after-school learning experiences. More than 300,000 Michigan youth have participated in this project. Michigan K-to-6th-graders can:

  • Learn of the many similarities between their lives and the lives of their counterparts halfway around the world
  • Gain a sense of being part of one world, whether they live in Michigan or in Shandong Province
  • Have a significant learning experience that includes language, social studies, natural science and the arts

Save the Date!

Do you have teachers, educators, 4-H Leaders, or others that work with youth in global citizenship education? Does your county already participate in the Michigan 4-H China Art Exchange and your volunteers have questions on the project? Here is your chance to participate in an adobe connect webinar for your volunteers on this impactful project that had over 6000 participants in 2014!

This training is for teachers, educators, 4-H Teen and Adult Leaders or anyone that has a global citizenship youth education focus and is interested in or already participating in the project. The virtual training will take place on “Chinese New Year Day”, Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015, at 4 p.m. Michigan 4-H Children’s Art Exchange with China Coordinator, Janis Brinn will facilitate the training using adobe connect “room.” Click https://connect.msu.edu/janisbrinn/ and enter as a guest.  If you cannot join the webinar it will be recorded or you can contact Janis Brinn at brinn@anr.msu.edu or 269-673-0370, ext. 2555 with any questions.

Thank you! Go Shin! (Chinese)


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