2015 Great Lakes Cattle Feeding and Marketing Short Course - Wyoming, Ontario

Date: February 12, 2015
Time: 6-10 p.m.
Location: Royal Canadian Legion, 493 Erie Street, Wyoming, Ontario

Feeding cattle in 2015 will present a different set of challenges than the industry has faced in the past few years. Cattle prices are at record high levels and corn is cheaper than it has been. That should foster profitability for the industry. However, the shortage of feeder cattle has increased the margin in prices between feeder and fed cattle prices which may limit profitability. The social expectation for management of practices has increased and the changes are being manifested in consumers purchase decisions. New technologies are emerging to assist beef producers in making these changes. If you are interested in what is the profit potential for feeding cattle in the next few years, you should attend the 2015 Great Lakes Professional Cattle Feeding and Marketing Shortcourse. A discussion of pricing freezer/specialty beef will also be discussed. The first session in January addressed the emerging technologies to enhance the perception of beef production. The second session in February will tackle the profitability projections for the next few years.

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