2012 Update on Urban and Forest Tree Health in Michigan

Date: October 24, 2012
Time: 9 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.
Location: Ralph A. MacMullan Conference Center, 104 Conservation Dr., Roscommon, MI 48653

Many native and exotic insect and pathogen pests already affect Michigan trees and forests. Other serious pests are not yet here but are certainly on the horizon. If you work with trees in urban or forested settings, this workshop is for you. Up to date information on current and emerging forest pest issues will be presented by scientists and forest health specialists from Michigan, Ohio and Minnesota.

There is a $10 fee to attend the workshop, and covers lunch, coffee and materials. This fee must be paid at the door in cash or by check only.

To ensure a quality experience, enrollment is limited to 50 people for each workshop. Pre-registration is required and must be completed no later than October 5.

To pre-register, send an email to: pitzs@michigan.gov
In the email, you must:

  • Provide your first and last name.
  • Provide the name of the organization you are affiliated with.
  • Indicate the workshop and workshop date you are registering for.
  • Indicate if you have any dietary restrictions.

These workshops have been reviewed and are approved for:

  • Certified pesticide applicator recertification credits by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural development (4 credits in Comm. core or CAT. 2 or CAT. 3B)
  • SFI continuing education credits by the Michigan Sustainable Forestry Initiative Implementation Committee (4 credits)

Presentation topics and speakers:

  • Asian Longhorned Beetle: biology, impacts, Ohio situation
    Amy Stone, Ohio State University Extension
  • Reporting Asian Longhorned Beetle suspects in Michigan
    Deb McCullough,MSU
    and John Bedford., MDARD
  • Emerald Ash Borer Update
    Deb McCullough,MSU
  • 1000 Cankers Disease of Black Walnut
    Manfred Mielke, USDA-FS
  • Woolly Adelgids we do not want to see
    Deb McCullough,MSU
    and John Bedford, MDARD
  • Annosum Root Rot
    Manfred Mielke, USDA-FS
  • Oak Wilt and other oak problems
    Bob Heyd, DNR
  • Oak Wilt in the Northern Lower Peninsula
    Russ Kidd, MSU Extension
  • Surveys for exotic pest surveys in Michigan
    John Bedford, MDARD
  • Beech Bark Disease update
    Deb McCullough,MSU and Bob Heyd, DNR
  • Forest Tree Declines
    Roger Mech, DNR
  • Pesticide Recertification Credits and Evaluation

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