2012 Mid-Michigan farm show

Date: March 29, 2012
Location: Gladwin Community Arena, 402 James Robertson Drive, Gladwin, Mich.

This year’s theme “Farm to Market: Know your Farmer, Know your Food” will be highlighted by free educational sessions that will be offered:

  • Local Foods, production to     market opportunities

  • Retail meat and egg sales,     what do I need to know

  • Discussion of the local     farmers market in Gladwin

Topics for the student activities this year include:

  • McKimmy     Farm, with Farmer Tom McKimmy, will cover all of the crops that are grown     on the farm and what happens to them after harvest.

  • WOW Food     Pyramid Bracelets

  • Clare     County Farm Bureau with their teaching cow named Clover. Clover is a     wooden cow that teaches students all about the items that come from a     dairy cow, including all of the by-products like leather and Jell-o!

  • A     Petting Zoo that 4-H leader Brenda Inscho coordinated. Sheep, horses,     rabbits and chickens will be on display.

  • Bob     Frei, local county historian, will give a talk on the history of Gladwin     County.

For more information, visit the Farm Show website.

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