2012 MiCorps Volunteer Lake and Stream Monitoring Conference

Date: October 29, 2012 - October 30, 2012
Time: October 29 1:00 PM - October 30, 2012 4:00 PM
Location: Ralph A. MacMullan (RAM) Conference Center on Higgins Lake, Michigan
Contact: Jo A. Latimore, Michigan State University, 517-432-1491 latimor1@msu.edu

Thanks to a partnership with the Michigan Clean Water Corps (MiCorps), we are offering Michigan Lake and Stream Leaders Institute (LSLI) alumni the opportunity to attend and participate in the 2012 MiCorps volunteer lake and stream monitoring conference at no charge, including optional overnight lodging. 

The 2012 MiCorps Conference will take place Monday and Tuesday, October 29 and 30, at the Michigan DNR’s Ralph A. MacMullan (RAM) Conference Center on Higgins Lake.   As usual, this LSLI Alumni Event will provide an excellent opportunity to network with other local water resource leaders. This year’s MiCorps Conference agenda promises an outstanding event, with sessions of interest to anyone who cares about Michigan’s inland waters.

Interested alumni should review the registration instructions and return the LSLI registration form. Registration on the MiCorps web site (http://www.micorps.net/conference.html) is required, and will be opened in early October.

LSLI 2012 Alumni Event Letter

LSLI 2012 Registration Form

2012 MiCorps Conference Agenda 

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