Sanilac 4-H Awards and Scholarships

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Sanilac County 4-H Council Trip/Event Scholarship Application

Sanilac County 4-H members and volunteers wishing to attend leadership development training opportunities such as Kettunen Center Workshops, Exploration Days, National Congress, Citizenship Washington Focus, or any other 4-H sponsored event are encouraged to submit a trip/event scholarship application to 4-H Council to request financial assistance to pay registration fees for events.  All applications must be presented at a 4-H Council meeting prior to the scheduled event.  The applicant is responsible for covering all expenses not awarded by 4-H Council for their event.  Most scholarship awards are paid as reimbursement once the applicant has attended an event; all scholarship funds will be revoked if the applicant no-shows without cancellation for an event.

Sanilac County 4-H County Awards

4-H County Awards are opportunity to recognize the 4-H youth in Sanilac County for their outstanding efforts in the 4-H program.  In addition to providing recognition, the awards application process can also serve as an educational experience for youth as they learn to complete an awards application and request a letter of recommendation.  Members will apply their skills in communication, organization, and self-motivation.  4-H volunteers are also recognized at the county awards event for their years of service to the 4-H program.  The County Awards recognition event is scheduled for February 21, 2017 at the Sanilac County Career Center.


2017 Sanilac County 4-H Awards Packet (complete packet; individual award applications available below)

Additional Sanilac County Scholarship and Award Opportunities

Michigan 4-H State

Michigan 4-H State Awards Program offers an opportunity for 4-H members ages 11-19 to be recognized for their learning and achievements in 4-H.  The State Awards program includes the Mark of Excellence Award (11-12 year olds), Junior Individual Awards (13-15 year olds), Senior Individual Awards (16-19 year olds), and Group Awards (13-19 year olds).  Download the application and instructions from the website.  All applications due February 1st.

Michigan 4-H Scholarships

View available scholarship opportunities for Michigan 4-H members at the website.

  • Michigan 4-H Rabbit and Cavy Scholarship (12 grade; due November 1; amount varies)