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There are more than 20 4-H Clubs operating in Ogemaw County, where volunteers deliver experiential research-based information to members.  In the 4-H club setting, youth gain key life skills while pursuing projects from a large variety of 4-H project areas.

“Take a look at us now!”

Now not only rural kids but city and suburban kids who can’t own farm animals or do larger agricultural projects have a chance to become a part of the magic that is 4-H.

All kids can gain the knowledge, family values, and pride that 4-H instills in kids when they know they have done a project from the beginning to the end, on their own.

For young people, ages 5-19, 4-H provides fun, educational opportunities through 4-H groups, after school /in school programs and local, state, national and international programs.

For older teens, 4-H offers the opportunity to test and develop leadership skills as 4-H volunteers, sharing their skills in a variety of programs and project areas with younger 4-H’ers.

For adults, 4-H offers support and training in learning methods and materials to help them plan activities and projects in safe, nurturing environments.

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The 4-H year is from September 1 through August 31st.  4-H Enrollment Forms are accepted all year from new 4-H members.  There is a January 5th registration deadline for returning 4-H members. However, we ask that you be signed up by the time you attend the 2nd club meeting, even if it falls before the January 5th registration deadline.

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