4-H Small Market Animal Association

The age you are on the first of January is your 4-H age for ALL projects.4-H Logo For example, if you turn 9 in December, then you are 9 on Jan. 1 and therefore 9 all year long. If you turn 9 on Jan. 2, then you are 8 all year long. The State 4-H Office has made the decision to require a 4-H’ers to be 9 years old in order to compete at the fair in the 4-H classes. If you are not at least 9 years old, you may enter the fair in Open Youth and compete. All 4-H’ers who are 8 and under will be given a participation ribbon if entered in a 4-H class. For the full rules and guidelines, please see the following link:

4-H Small Market Animal Association     

The 4-H Small Market Animal Association (SMAA) is the committee that oversees the project. 

2017-2018 SMAA Officers:
  • Jill Rockwell- President
  • Aaron Velat - Vice President
  • Melanie Sayles- Treasurer
  • Audrey Herremans- Secretary
Committee members:
  • Heidi Bromley
  • Michelle Holladay
  • Dolph Eisenlohr (poultry)
  • Hollis Rockwell, IV (beef)
  • Hannah Beggs (goats)

Applications to Participate

Please make sure that you have ALL signatures when coming or your application will not be accepted. You must also already completed your online enrollment at https://mi.4honline.com and turned in your fee or request for scholarship. Please refer to the SMAA Rules and Guidelines for more information.

READ YOUR RULES before signing. Once you have signed and turned in your applications you are responsible for the rules that you have signed stating that you have read and agreed to them. This is the parents & youth’s responsibility.



Small Market Applications (ages 9 & up)

Little Buddy Applications (ALL AGES)

If you are interested in the Oceana Agricultural Society Junior Market Animal Auction the Oceana Agricultural Society has asked us to post the applications here for your convenience. (Ages 5-8)







JUNIOR_SMALL_MARKET_ANIMAL_PROJECT_2018.docx  - Must accompany the Junior Market Applications with signatures


About_Record_Keeping.pdf  All small market project members must complete a record book for their 4-H project every year. The type of records you keep will depend on the kind of 4-H project you have. This record book is a guidelines for you.

Below is a listing of the 4-H Small Market Animal Association Project Notebooks (ages 9 and up) and the attendance records as well. 

2018_SMA_club__nonclub_point_attendance_sheet.pdf - (this must be included with your notebook whether you are in the Small Animal Association auction or are participating in the Oceana Agricultural Society’s Junior market auction)

Make sure that your notebook is the correct one. The previous year’s notebook will not be accepted at the fair. Check your dates!





SMAA_Rabbit notebook_2018.pdf


  • If you are under the age of 9 and participating in the Oceana Agricultural Society Junior Market Auction (ages 5-8) the following information pertains to you. 

The Oceana Agricultural Society would like those 5-8 to have the opportunity to participate in their Junior Market auction. They must follow all of the rules laid out by the Oceana Agricultural Society (you may obtain a copy by calling 873-2129). Below are their market notebooks which are being provided per their request.


Jr Mkt_Duck_notebook_2018.pdf



Jr_Mkt_Rabbit notebook-2018.pdf


Market Project Registration sign-up will be held on Saturday, November 11, 2017. Sign up for Small/Junior market will be held from 8:00 a.m.- 8:30 a.m. If you can not attend you may have a parent/legal guardian or sibling bring your paperwork. NO other relative, friend, etc. If there is space available you may sign up anytime after the 11th until March 30th. Sign-ups will be at the new office location: 844 S. Griswold Street, Hart, MI. 

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