4-H Project Resources

4-H Club & Leader Resources

4-H Project Funding Sources

4-H Annual Insurance

4-H Leaders & Clubs have the option of purchasing a full year of insurance $1 per member (or $2 for horse projects) with a singleform.

Leadership & Personal Growth

4-H Teen Leadership

Animal Science

MSU Department of Animal Science Youth Extension Programs

4-H Dog Project

4-H Goat

4-H Horse and Pony

 4-H Swine 

4-H Sheep & Lamb

4-H Beef  

4-H Poultry

State 4-H Poultry Website

4-H Rabbits and Cavies

4-H Dairy Cattle

Environmental and Outdoor Education

State 4-H Environmental & Outdoor Education Opportunties

4-H Shooting Sports

4-H Entomology

Healthy Lifestyles

4-H Food & Nutrition Record Books

Consumer & Family Science

Sewing/Personal Appearance

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