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Is it difficult to decide which tomato varieties to grow in your garden?  Perhaps this list will help; these are the tomatoes selected as the best tasting at the annual Tomato Taste-off that was held in September 2014:

1st – Sungold

2nd  place tie – Early Ssubakus Aliana  &  Sugar Snack

3rd place – Purple Dragon

1st – Big Boy 

2nd place – Beefmaster 

3rd place – Texwine

1st place – Pink Ping Pong

2nd place -  Georgia Sunrise

Are you wondering if it’s safe to eat or preserve tomatoes or potatoes that were infected with Late Blight this summer?  First, it is important to find out which of several diseases of tomatoes affected your plants.  If Late Blight was the culprit please read this article before you eat or preserve them. 

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