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2018 Ionia Free Fair

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Miracle of Life Exhibit at the Ionia Free Fair

Swine/Biosecurity Information

Official identification required for Swine exhibition

Swine Health Recommendations: Organizers of Exhibitions & Sales

Swine Health Recommendations: Biosecurity for Organizers of Weigh-in or Tagging Events

PEDV information (National Pork Board)

Biosecurity for Livestock Exhibitors 

Taking proper precautions- animal health

Registration Forms

For your convenience, the deadlines have been included for each of the required registration forms. If a due date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the form will be accepted on the following Monday until 5 p.m.

April 21

Swine Weigh In from 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

Swine Declaration Form

 May 1

 Ionia County 4-H Enrollment is DUE!

 Horse Designation Forms DUE!

 Dairy Designation Forms DUE!

May 5

Goat and Sheep Weigh In from 9 a.m.-11 a.m.

May 5

PQA at 1 p.m. Register at: https://events.anr.msu.edu/PQAIonia18/ 

 June 1

 Dog Declaration Forms DUE!

 June 25                          ALL 4-H Fair Registration Forms DUE! to the Ionia Free Fair Office! 
 July 11  Still Exhibit Judging in Green Quanset
 July 12-21  Ionia Free Fair!  

Record Books


Clover Climber/Cloverbud Beef Book

Junior Beef Book

Intermediate Beef Book

Senior Beef Book


Clover Climber/Cloverbud Swine Book

Junior Swine Book

Intermediate Swine Book

Senior Swine Book


Clover Climber/Cloverbud Sheep Book

Junior Sheep Book

Intermediate Sheep Book

Senior Sheep Book

Meat Goats

Clover Climber/Cloverbud Market Goat Book

Junior Market Goat Book

Intermediate Market Goat Book

Senior Market Goat Book

Rabbits (only need market book if doing market project)

Clover Climber/Cloverbud Rabbit Book

Junior Rabbit Book

Intermediate Rabbit Book

Senior Rabbit Book

Rabbit Market Book (all ages)


CloverClimber/CloverBud Record Book

Junior Cavy Book

Intermediate Cavy Book

Senior Cavy Book


CloverClimber/CloverBud Record Book

Core Record Book

1st Year Supplement

Junior Supplement

Senior Supplement

Poultry (only need market book if doing market project)

CloverClimber/CloverBud Record Book

All Ages Record Book + Poultry Market Book


All Ages Record Book

Dairy Cow

CloverClimber/CloverBud Record Book

Junior Record Book + Supplement Page

Intermediate Record Book + Supplement Page

Senior Record Book + Supplement Page

Dairy Feeder

All Ages Record Book

 Dairy Goat                 

CloverClimber/Cloverbud Record Book

All Ages Record Book


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